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Terms & Policies of Use

What we deliver are services, we leave no money back or insure against losses. We can guarantee that the services are performed, and our methods that we use is accurate, legal and well within the framework of good service ethic. Proof of execution and supervision for you as a client. For some services we are providing independent third party responsible for statistics and evidence. In other words Facebook, which accounts for the enumeration of its deductible, or counters for visitors on the sales side. Of course you get all the information you need to make sure your campaign goes right and follows planning. These terms of use can be subject of change when corrections or otherwise needed.

VAT and tax
VAT payment is reversed when business is conducted outside of Sweden, the VAT is country specific, you as customer has to pay your own VAT. All tax are included in the price. For VAT rate of expenditure on advertising and promotion include advertising is typically tax of your country and deductible input VAT for a VAT-registered person or body. Natural and legal persons who are not VAT registered post the input VAT on the account that is used to record the cost of advertising and PR. A VAT-registered person shall disclose the input VAT as "Input VAT to deduct" in box 48 of the tax return for the tax and the cost of advertising and public relations should not be reported in the tax return for the tax.

Deductible expenses (Only Sweden)
Costs of advertising and public relations in a business are tax deductible expenses in the income statement as income from business. Advertising on radio, TV and Internet ads in the newspapers for some associations, advertisements in publications in foreign languages ​​to 80% spread abroad and own ads in publications are free of advertising. For periodic journals published by us, the tax rate of 3% and related advertising products 8%. Anyone in trade publishing advertisements taxable or taxable advertising is taxable for advertising on the tax base exceeds 20 000 per income year or 60 000 per income year for periodical publications.

Username and password
We never will ask for your username and password. But if we request information as username / email and password to websites, blogs, facebook, twitter, forums, and other areas that may be affected by single campaign. This trust has never or will be misused, and when the campaign is finished, although the use of your account also clear, we actually recommend you to change the username and password, even if we would never violate your privacy, it is still good to do this at the appropriate between rooms, which kind every 3 months or similar. Clarification: we will only use the data during that time that a campaign is under way.

In the post, feeds and written comments, we will always use a tended and language that is easy to read, the text will always be proofread, but we reserve us for any spelling mistakes and incorrect sentences. Everything position for your product, service, company, association, blog, etc.. will be done in a positive sense, otherwise all other written communication that instance. posts, feeds and comments will be neutral, impartial and apolitical, unless otherwise agreed. In our etiquette rule will also not accept campaigns that are racist, containing porn or serious violence or other unethical pages, run a campaign launched from being normal to unethical (ie a website changes the content) will campaign terminated immediately, and full payment will be required.

In campaigns we use English as primary language. If requested the language can be customed to the country this will involve translation services, for a fee on request.

An ordinary campaign run, is an international campaign aimed world wide. Campaigns can be run against any country, the cost can vary from country to country. To target specific countrys will come with an extra fee. Country specification can also be included in the campaigns.

A campaign starts as soon as the payment is made or as agreed upon between OMB and you as client. There is no waiting time, more then the preparation time of 8 hours. The lenght of a campaign can be from 1 hour to 5 years. The service is always deliveried in full within the timeperiod as OMB promise, but we reserve us for things happend, service might go down, site not working, or anything that can delay the service. After the campaign you will get contacted and we will make a report on what was done.

The prices are as valid until the changes. All prices includes VAT (See VAT and tax above for more information). No costs other than those will be added. The price is in USD. Prices may change if other addition or updates comes out.

Payment and Billing
One the site we can have diffrent way of payment, the service provided are "as if" from the payee supplier. They all have their terms and policys regarding payment. Invoices will always be included if you as client want or require it, else the payment gateway slip of transaction counts as an invoice.

We give 100% money back guarantee if we do not fullfill our service as promised.

Return Policy
If the service is not as accepted by description on the website, you must in writing and if have some proof that the deliverance of the service is defect or wrong. You will have to contact us directly through the site or email us at, if we find you correct in case, we will refund you in full for those days of service that is left of the campaign. Gift cards, online gift certificates and code items are considered final sale and are not eligible for return. Return policy are in effect for the full time of the campaign.

The service
Service is provided, as is. Third party service providers, We do not have any part in, we do not provided them and are not responsible for the service if they fail, go down or does not operate at full power. OMB can not claim rights for other services than our own. We provide a service that generate what we provide through traffic and generation, we do not buy or sell traffic, if not requested by customer.

Blogs (included/customization)
OMB Blogs can be used as traffic and collecting subscribers, this doesn't break blogs terms.

Twitter followers (customization)
These will be international, we can not specify the country or local followers. To add followers we need access to your Twitter account, if this information is not added with the order, followers will not be added. The account information will be 100% safe with us. OMB Twitter can be used as traffic and collecting subscribers, this doesn't break the Twitter terms.

Facebook likes (customization)
Facebook like are linked to your specified site. All the likes that you get through Facebook will be international. Facebook has a policy that forbidden the sales of recommends/likes/fans, we will never sell you direct recommends/like/fans, the recommends/like/fans that is generated is through our own pages on facebook and websites. OMB Facebook sites can be used as traffic and collecting subscribers, this doesn't break the Facebook terms.

Google ads (included/customization)
Google advertising traffic can be pointed to your site. We provide the service within the Google regulations. For more details please read; Google - Policies and Principles

Facebook ads (customization)
Facebook advertising can be used as traffic and collecting subscribers, this doesn't break the Facebook terms.

Websites (included/customization)
All traffic is normal visitors who surf the web, these come from blogs, websites, traffic exchange programs, switching pages, search channels, sponsored pages (pages that we sponsor) and ad pages. For country specific visitors to, there will be an extra cost and this must be discussed before the campaign started.

Forums (customization)
Post on the forums can also be added as a source of traffic. We follow fourm guidelines for proper cunduct.

Social networking (customization)
Multiple social networks of choice can be embedded in a campaign. We follow the terms and condition of all these sites.

Backlinks, search engines and directories (included/customization)
Backlinks are of high quality, all worked and tested during a long period. We might add your site to a other search enging for traffic force. We never send your page on search engines that your site is already registered. When placing your site in directories, we use the keywords from your site.

Emails (included/customization)
All emails will be sent either to customer base. No email will send unconsolidated (spam).

Bots, spam, hacks or cheating
OMB policy is to NEVER use unlegal methods to drive traffic or send emails to other 3rd parties, we only work with human interaction. There will not be any popups or advertising that sends traffic with out the sensus of 3rd part. We work very hard to gain the trust of our clients, customers and our subscribers. and they will NEVER tolerate that we use bots or other means cheat them to join or accept anything automatically. If they join other lists, sites, newsletter, follow, likes or interact with our clients, they do this of their own free will.

Support and feedback
If in doubt over anything, please contact us any time of the day. To contact us use online chat, email, skype, phone or the ticket system. We will return to you within maximum of 8 hours.

In Dispute
All disputes are dealt between you and OMB directly without intermediaries, if this does not work, the parties shall appoint a respective representative.

Force Major
At events that are out of our controll, such as natural disasters, war, ufo attacks, hacking or internet collapses and problems we can not do anything about, if that happends for some strange reason, we will compensate you with double the time and service promised in first place.

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